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14 Aug 2023

Linella and FTLV have negotiated a partnership agreement

on the implementation of FTrace Supermarket system

Сompany Linella, leading retail operator in Moldova (website: linella.md), and Latvian company FTLV, expert in technology and engineering solutions, have reached a partnership agreement.

Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

As part of this agreement, FTLV will provide technological equipment and FTrace Supermarket management system to equip one of Linella’s stores, with the possibility of extending this system to all stores in the retail chain.

The work plan includes the following stages:

  • Integration of various equipment management systems into one unified FTrace Supermarket monitoring system, ensuring their coordinated and efficient operation.
  • Organization of data transfer and archiving at the data center level to ensure reliable storage and accessibility of information.
  • Conducting experiments and testing to confirm the effectiveness intended to ensure energy conservation.

The engineering equipment dispatch system supplied by FTLV will enable Linella to manage the following parameters:

  • Air conditioning and heaters in the sales area
  • Ventilation in utility rooms
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Lighting in stores
  • Integration of input meters for efficient control of energy resource consumption
  • Thermal curtains at the main entrance

Linella retail chain, known for its wide range of products and high level of service, sees this partnership as a step forward in improving their customers’ experience, as well as reducing the negative impact on the environment.