25 Sep 2023

FTLV company has completed the assembly of a control cabinet for a transcritical booster unit based on Wurm controllers.

We are excited to share that we have recently completed the assembly of the control cabinet for the transcritical booster compressor unit which are based on Wurm controllers.

Control cabinet for the transcritical booster compressor unit

Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

Brief specifications include:

• 7 compressors – 3 MT / 3 LT / 1 parallel compressor

• Leading compressors of each circuit are controlled by a frequency drive

• Maximum input current – 400 A

• Dimensions – 1200 mm (width) x 2059 mm (height)

FTLV was responsible for all the necessary documentation - electrical schematics, assembly drawings, and connection tables. The cabinet will be delivered to the customer after all required tests have been conducted, ready for installation and quick start-up at the site.

n addition to Wurm controllers, we also have Danfoss and Carel controllers in our arsenal.

FTLV plans to develop the direction of designing and assembling control cabinets for various CO2 systems, including using our own software solutions based on freely programmable EVCO controllers.

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